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Campus Profile: Mason Folse

Year: Senior

Hometown:  Bloomington, Illinois

Major: IMC

Minor: Multimedia Design

Zodiac Sign: Libra

Favorite Book: Harry Potter

Favorite Artist: My dad

How did you get involved in art?

I was raised around artists; my whole family are artists. My grandma does pastels, my grandfather is a potter, and both my parents are painters.

How would you describe your art?

I love bright colors and using different textures and materials.

What inspired this piece?

A dear guy friend of mine said something about wage gap not existing. Despite having a discussion, he wouldn’t change his mind. It made me start to think about the words put out into the world that come from a place of ignorance and not benevolence. I wanted to bring attention to that.

What do you want people to take away from this piece?

I want people to know that they can use their words as a catalyst for change. In big movements, we can feel like there’s not a lot we can do, but we can through the words we use and how we interact with others.

Do you think art can/should be political?

It absolutely can be and should be… if that is what the artist wants. Personally, I like using art for social change and justice, but not all pieces have to be. I see art as the most expressive way to get a message across.

How do you plan to continue making art?/What do you plan to do with art in the future?

I want to decorate my apartment with art; it’s free therapy. I also want to continue making art throughout my life to keep in touch with my past and my identity. I plan to continue to use art to spread social change, and use my freedom and my voice to spread awareness.

Do you think people appreciate art for what it is?

I think people do more times than not, not everyone gets all forms of art, but something touches everyone.

What would you recommend to someone who wants to learn more about art?

I’m a huge believer in learning by doing. There is no wrong way to do art. It may not turn out how you expected it to, but just try and look at others for inspiration.

What would you say to someone who thinks they can’t do art?

Everyone can do art. 

Melissa Locke

Pepperdine '21

This is my senior year of college and I'm a Public Relations major with a Creative Writing outside concentration. I was born and raised in So-Cal and love it so much I couldn't go too far. As much as South California is my home, I adore traveling and learning about other cultures. A Disney fan to the core you can find me watching any of their movies, or breaking my bank account at Disneyland, and if not I'll probably be reading, writing, or enjoying the Malibu climate. 
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