5 Things to Remember as Dead Week Ends, Finals Begin, and Christmas is on It's Way

  1. 1. Take actual breaks!

    We all say I’ll take a break from studying and then sit where we are and scroll through our social media feeds. Get out of there! Take a walk, take a cat nap, or go eat if you don’t have time to do nothing, but take time to do something besides stare at your notes, books, computers, and phones.

  2. 2. Don’t be rude! Or accept being treated rudely!

    We get it, the end of the semester is terrible. You're stressed, your tired, you can be grumpy, we all are, but that is no excuse for being rude to anyone. And if your friend is being rude to you, it won’t make you a terrible person to say something to them. No one should feel bad for asking to be treated with respect. No one deserves to be snapped at because it’s finals. 

  3. 3. Ask before you buy someone a gift!

    I know it sounds twisted, but a lot of people are stressed about grades and money at this time of the year. It may seem sweet to surprise someone, but nothing makes you feel bad the same way a friend surprising you with a gift when you have nothing for them makes you feel.

  4. 4. Be grateful for your Secret Santa gift!

    No, it may not be what you wanted or hoped for, but someone took the time to participate and get you a gift. Just because Thanksgiving has passed doesn’t mean we should stop being grateful. 

  5. 5. Once you turn in your final it’s out of your hands

    The hardest part about finishing the semester after taking your finals is putting the semester behind you. There is nothing you can do once you finish the semester, so as hard as it may be, try to put it out of your mind even for just a little while to enjoy your break. Start your recovery process so you can start the next semester relaxed and ready to go.