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Rachel Durniok

You’re Not Crazy For Having Feelings

Your feelings are valid. You are not crazy for feeling how you feel. Sometimes it seems like we experience countless emotions at once. We think a mile a minute; a thousand thoughts and emotions flood our minds. We go from being happy and excited to worried and scared in the blink of an eye. The bright smile on our face fading into a grin. All of these feelings we experience are valid.

You Are in Charge 

Nobody should be able to tell you that what you’re feeling is illogical, not understandable, or unfair, especially if they are the cause for those emotions. Just because they meant something one way does not mean that was the way you had to take it. You are in charge of yourself, and nobody gets to control you or how you feel. Though it may be nice to get someone else’s opinion, it is yours that matters most.

It is Not a Competition

Nobody should tell you that what you are feeling or experiencing is nothing compared to what others are experiencing. It’s not about who went through the most, and not everything is a competition. Everyone goes through their trauma. Something that is easy for you may seem impossible to someone else. It is in nobody’s best interest to compare pain. Unless it is to sympathize and validate each other. We should try to help each other, not be another obstacle in someone’s life. 

Validate Others’ Feelings

Listen to what others have to say. Let them speak and be open to what they have to share. Sometimes the best thing you can do for someone is allowing them to let it all out. You do not have to agree with everything they say; sometimes, you don’t even need to speak. Just listen and try to be understanding of what they are going through or where they’re coming from. Give advice when they ask for it and nurture their thoughts. Work with them to come to a solution. Most importantly, understand that they are not you, and the way they feel may not be how you would. Help them lift the weight off of their chest by being there for them.

Validate YOUR Feelings

Do not label yourself as crazy. Take a breath and sit with your emotions. Let yourself feel how you feel. Try not to judge yourself for how you feel in the moment. Think about what has led to that moment and what caused your emotions. Understand yourself and your situation. Try to recognize when you are broken and work to accept that you are not fine. Then you can work on what comes next. 

Picking Up the Pieces

After validating your feelings, take it a step further. Try to better yourself and your situation. Do not let your emotions consume you to the point of giving up. Talk to someone you trust with your feelings. Someone you can be unapologetically yourself with. Or, if you would rather keep to yourself, try to do something that makes you feel a little bit better. Go for a walk, get your nails done, treat yourself to a coffee. Sometimes it is the little things that help put a smile back on our faces. The best thing you can do for yourself is to try. You do not have to pick up all the pieces at once. In fact, you may find it best to leave some of the pieces behind. Take your time to feel better. You are one step closer to taking back your power when you let yourself feel.

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