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The worst time of the year is among us, midterm season. With everyone being moved online, the school knows no boundaries. You are expected to be on zoom whenever desired, and there is no separation between relaxing and work online. Since moving online, I have had a lot of physical and mental struggles from sitting on a computer all day. My eyes ache, I feel like I am never doing enough, and I just feel I can never truly relax. However, there is hope for all of us struggling to relax. Music playlists have saved my life, and help me study and be productive. Youtube is home to hundreds of curated playlists of your favorite artists designed for special occasions. No matter if you are studying, relaxing, or trying to sleep, there is a playlist for you! I have gathered some of my current favorites that help me focus and remember I am doing the best that I can. Here are some tunes to add to your playlist to get you through this season.

Hi everyone! I'm Alysa and I am the Campus Correspondent for HC Pace NYC. I am majoring in Communication Studies and minoring in Sociology & Anthropology and Arts & Entertainment Management. Within my articles you can find everything I love to write including, pop culture, sports, politics, and my personal NYC experiences! Feel free to connect with me on my socials!
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