The Top Three Reasons You Should Lower Your Dairy Intake

Manhattan, New York
United States

Don't get me wrong, dairy is one of the best-tasting food groups out there. There's nothing I love more than butter and cheese on pasta or cream cheese on a bagel. Also ice cream…  I don't think I’ll ever be able to live without ice cream. However, over the past few months, I’ve cut down my dairy intake for a few different reasons and have genuinely seen a difference in my body. Below are three reasons why you should consider doing the same.

  1. 1. Your skin will clear up

    I never really thought about dairy being an acne trigger, but it really is. I used to have horrible pimples and felt really insecure about them. It wasn't until my facial specialist recommended that I cut out dairy to help my acne that it improved. Since then, I feel like I can go out in public without makeup and not feel insecure. My skin still gets troubled from time to time, but not nearly as bad as it was. The fat and the hormones embedded in all dairy products block your pores and can cause extensive breakouts.  Putting hummus on your bagel instead of cream cheese might be a smarter choice, if you want to see your inflammations disappear.

  2. 2. Dairy is simply bad for you

    A lot of the time after I ate a dairy product, I felt extremely bloated and terrible about myself. As tasty as it was, the effects made me feel yucky.  I am not lactose intolerant; however, most adults do not have the specific enzyme required to digest dairy properly. This leaves our stomachs feeling weird, which is precisely what happens to me.  There are many dairy products that we just don't know what’s in them. A lot of farms keep their cows in inhumane conditions and then sell their products to the world and we eat them, not thinking about where it comes from. If you decide to consume dairy, make sure you know where your products are coming from, so you don’t get sick.

  3. 3. Milk is often associated with multiple medical conditions

    Conditions such as cancer,  asthma and, arthritis have all be linked to dairy intake.  Many dairy products are inflammatory which can cause cancer. High dairy intake can also cause prostate cancer in men.   In a recent study, scientists found over a fifty percent decrease in the swelling of arthritis when participants eliminated milk and dairy products from their diet.  Respiratory conditions, such as asthma, have also decreased when people cut back on milk and other dairy products.

Overall, if you have been eating dairy your entire life without thinking about it, the journey to completely cutting it out will be a challenge. That's why I suggest starting simple. Instead of milk, start ordering almond or coconut milk and you’d be surprised how amazing vegan butter tastes.  Lucky for us, there are more and more dairy-free options popping up in grocery stores and restaurants. Good luck on your dairy-free journey, and I hope you keep these considerations in mind.