Shawn Mendes to Release Netflix Documentary

Shawn Mendes has been one of my favorite artists for the longest time, and I am beyond ecstatic that he’s finally getting his own documentary! On October 13th, Mendes posted the trailer to his Instagram, stating that the documentary will be available on Netflix on November 23rd.

Mendes’s new album, Wonder, will be released on December 4th. His single of the same name came out earlier last month, and it is such a mood. Shawn Mendes has such a way with words that it leaves me speechless. I got chills when I heard that song for the first time because of how relatable it was- and the music video was amazing!

As a long-time member of the Mendes Army, I can’t wait for the next album and to watch the documentary about Mendes’s musical journey. I’m so proud of how far he has come in his career and of all of his success. I’ve gone from watching him make six-second long covers on Vine, to going on the MAGCON tour, to seeing him at Madison Square Garden (which he sold out!), winning many music awards, and now getting his own documentary.

Shawn Mendes and his music are extremely special to me, and have made a huge impact on my life and who I am today. He also just has the most mesmerizing voice, and his music is so creative and fun. His new stuff is a little more mainstream, but after hearing how much work he put into his upcoming album, I’m sure it won’t disappoint. Now that I think about it, as much as I say that I am excited about his documentary, I’m actually not ready. I’m one of those people that cries at concerts, and witnessing the footage in this new film is going to make me bawl my eyes out- not to mention that I also really miss seeing him live in concert.

There haven’t been too many details about Wonder released yet, but I did read that all of the songs on Shawn’s new album are about his girlfriend Camila Cabello. I am shocked and dismayed to know that Shawn Mendes has a girlfriend and it’s not me, but seeing him so happy makes me happy as well. He deserves all of the love and happiness in the world. I think it’s sweet that he wrote so many songs about his girlfriend. I wish I was able to find the words to describe how I feel about certain people in my life and make it sound a tenth of how beautiful Shawn Mendes makes it sound. Some of his older songs are so haunting and heartbreaking that I don’t listen to them anymore, unless I am REALLY sad.

Another thing I am excited for about the documentary is the concert footage. I remember seeing cameras the past few times I’ve seen Shawn in concert. I doubt I will see myself in the background, but that would be so cool. In 2016, MTV filmed a game show with Shawn at his concert at Monmouth University, and I was in the background a few times, so I hope they include some of that footage in it. I would literally cry. That was really cool because even though it wasn’t acting or a paid gig (they literally tweeted about it and told us to come seven hours prior to the show if we wanted to play for a chance to meet Shawn), but it was my first time in front of a camera for a show that was airing on television internationally… and Shawn Mendes was involved.

November 23rd is approaching quickly, and I am over the moon excited to watch Shawn’s documentary. I love that Netflix made a film about someone I admire so much. I am also counting down to December 4th to hear his new album (and he totally chose that month for the release because he knows my birthday is in December).