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Seven Tips to Stay Safe and Mindful of Your Health on Halloween

What are your Halloween plans? A spooky party? Maybe the Halloween Parade? Whatever your night entails, here are some tips to stay safe and mindful of your health this Spooktacular Wednesday night. [Disclaimer: every time alcohol is mentioned, it’s assumed you’re consuming it at the legal drinking age.]

1. Being careful and mindful when you go out

You know that 9:00 am-12:00 pm lecture you have Thursday mornings that you tend to struggle to stay awake in? It might be helpful to think of a set time to go out and come home Wednesday night. Try laying out your clothes for the next day in advance. This way when you wake up sleepy,  you won’t have to think much about what you’re gonna wear. If you have any other accessories you typically like to wear, be sure to set those out as well. We all know the least of your worries will be your outfit, as the main concern will most certainly be coffee.

2. Always get your own drink, and never leave it unattended

Depending on what your plans are, they will most likely involve a lot of walking, considering walking is essential when you live in the city. The last thing you want to be on Halloween is sick; Be sure to stay hydrated to avoid drowsiness or a headache. That being said, if someone you are not familiar with offers to get you a drink – alcoholic or non-alcoholic- it’s smart to politely decline in case they spike or lace it. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. If you decide not to decline, remember to watch the bartender make the drink and keep it in your eyesight.

A spiked drink can be a multitude of things such as believing your cup is alcohol-free although there may be traces inside, someone adding more alcohol than you thought there would be, or being drugged with various substances. Besides getting your own drinks, another way to prevent the cup from being spiked is to never leave your drink unattended. If you do, it’s recommended that you get a new one.

3. Look into getting nail polish that changes color when a drug has been put in your drink

Is there really a way to know if someone drugged your drink? Believe it or not, there is! There is a nail polish that you can apply and if you stir your drink with your finger, the polish will change color to let you know there is a drug in it. Even though this is a helpful tool, it’s still smart to get your own drinks and never leave them unattended.

4. If you’re sexually active, use protection to prevent STDs

If you happen to decide to be sexually active this Halloween, don’t forget a condom! You can never be too safe when it comes to your sexual health. Halloween is only one night, while something like HIV or AIDs may affect you for the rest of your life. Regardless of the type of sexual activity, there are condoms for both men and women. If you’re already using a form of contraception such as birth control or an IUD, a condom can only help. Other methods of contraceptives don’t prevent against STDs and don’t guarantee prevention against pregnancy as condoms do.  If you plan on being sexually active this Halloween, do not forget to pick up some condoms at the Duane Reade before your spooky nighttime adventures begin!

5. Although your costume may be really cute, think about how sickness is not cute when you decide not to wear a jacket

Although the weather is forecasted to be fairly nice on Wednesday, keep in mind that when the sun sets, it’s not just the ghosts and ghouls that come out of the shadows; the cold can bite too. Even if you’re from an area that doesn’t’t have cold weather, be sure to bring a jacket just in case. You know yourself best, so if you believe you’ll be cold, you probably will be. It may be fine for that night, but you’ll most likely regret it when you’re sneezing and coughing the next day. Don’t worry, your costume will still look great with a jacket.

6. Consider having a costume that has layers

If you absolutely, undeniably, 10000%, refuse to wear a jacket with your costume but know that you get cold easily, try layering up. There are plenty of different brands of thermal tights and undershirts that still look cute and can keep you warm through 50℉ weather.

7. Look out for your friends and stay together

It’s best to stay with the friend group you went out with, especially if alcohol is involved. Every time you go somewhere new, make sure you’re with the same people you began with. It’s smart to have one or two people bring a portable charger for people in the group to use in case their phones run low on battery. This way, if you lose a friend, you can still contact and find them. To be extra cautious, it might be wise to add each other on a tracking app for the night.

Have fun with the remainder of Spooky Season, but keep in mind that some actions can have long-term consequences, and Halloween is only one night. All that being said, have a spooktacular night!


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