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Review: Netflix’s Teenage Bounty Hunters

The premise of Netflix’s “Teenage Bounty Hunters” is exactly what it sounds like; two fraternal twins, Blair and Sterling, juggle catching fugitives and the trials and tribulations of being a teenagerr. With a talented cast and fast-paced plot, “Teenage Bounty Hunters” is the perfect weekend binge watch. 

The girls accidentally get into their bounty-hunting mess when they crash their dad’s truck while getting in the way of Bowser, an actual bounty hunter. In order to secretly get enough money to fix it before their dad notices, Blair and Sterling become Bowser’s interns. 

The show moves from the twins hunting a fugitive in a strip club to Sterling being elected leader of their Christian youth fellowship at school- an extreme, satirical mix akin to “The Politician” (but better). Maddi Phillips (Sterling) and Angelica Bette Fellini (Blair) are dynamic together with a natural chemistry. Prim and proper Sterling is a perfect balance for rebellious, sarcastic Blair. Kadeem Hardison, who plays Bowser, is quintessential as the Giles to the girls’ Buffy. His disinterested demeanor is a great contrast to their excited, energetic behavior. 

Sure, Sterling and Blair chase down a con artist at a book club, but they also have important discussions about politics, sexuality, and complicated relationships. There’s a timely episode about an activist who decapitates Confederate statues. The girls aren’t perfect people- no one is- they’re multidimensional, complex, and strong (I could go on and on about Blair’s “I’m sorry that you’re not gonna get to experience all the cool shit that I’m gonna get to do in this world” speech and Sterling’s “I’m done hiding parts of myself because someone else says that they’re bad or wrong”). 

Overall, “Teenage Bounty Hunters” is a zany, wild, and eccentric watch that also grapples with serious topics. You will fall in love with the characters- some may even surprise you. The cast is insanely talented and you’ll want to learn their names ASAP. Stream it after your next Zoom class (and do it soon- we all know Netflix has a history of cancelling its best shows).


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