Procrastinating During Finals

Manhattan, New York
United States

Sometimes it’s hard to study. More so when you go to school in the greatest city in the world (cue Hamilton). Studying 24 hours straight, it’s not good for your mental health. Your brain just needs a break. These are my top ways to procrastinate:

  1. 1. Brunch

    Every day of the weekend. Food makes you happy

  2. 2. Walk the Brooklyn Bridge

    Enjoy the views.

  3. 3. Shopping

    Go to the Glossier store and spend $75. Or shop online. Or go to Urban Outfitters and spend $100 on two t-shirts (not talking from experience). Choose your own poison.

  4. 4. Watch the Bold Type

    I like to believe I’m a mix of Jane, Kat, and Jacqueline.

  5. 5. Watch YouTube

    And get caught up in all the drama. Especially James Charles.

  6. 6. Hang out with your friends

    Pretend you don’t have any work, and just chill with your friends. They are the perfect enablers of procrastination. Also, sing with them.

  7. 7. Play with Snapchat filters

    And annoy your friends.

So go ahead, give yourself a break. But don’t forget to study because grades are important.