The Perfect Summer Playlist

Manhattan, New York
United States

We are probably all glad that another semester is coming to an end, and with the spring semester ending that means that we have the whole summer to recover from the stress of exams and studying. No matter if you decide to spend your summer chilling at the beach, lounging by your pool, or staying inside to get away from the heat, this summer playlist will be the perfect soundtrack for whatever you decide to do.

  1. 1. “ME!” by Taylor Swift

  2. 2. “Cool” by Jonas Brothers

  3. 3. “Juice” by Lizzo

  4. 4. “Phases” by PRETTYMUCH

  5. 5. “Summer Days” by Martin Garrix

    Name a better song for a summer playlist... You can't!

  6. 6. “WOW” by Zara Larsson

  7. 7. “you should see me in a crown” by Billie Eilish

  8. 8. “Sucker” by Jonas Brothers

    Had to have another Jonas Brothers song on here!

  9. 9. “Do You Mean” by The Chainsmokers

  10. 10. “Monopoly” by Ariana Grande and Victoria Monét

I hope these songs get you excited for summer!