My SoulCycle Experience

Manhattan, New York
United States

I have always heard people talk about SoulCycle and how it is a great experience. After hearing so many positive reviews, I decided to try it out myself. Going to the studio the first time I was kinda nervous, I didn't know what to expect besides the fact that my legs were probably going to be sore after. I found that the employees there were really helpful. When I told them it was my first time at a class, they helped me set-up my bike and made sure that I had everything I needed to ride such as shoes and water. The instructor also introduced herself to me and told me that if I needed help with anything to let her know.

When the ride began, I was not getting the rhythm and was having a hard time keeping up with the instructions. However, as the class progressed it became easier and I started to feel confident. The class was really fun, the instructor was really encouraging and the songs on the playlist were motivating everybody. The class was forty-five minutes long and by the end of it, I was sweaty and tired. Overall, I was proud of myself because it was an intense workout and I felt really good after a workout like that. After leaving the class, one of the employees asked me how it was and I told them it was great but challenging. He told me that a lot of first time riders feel that way and it is not till their third class when people find their rhythm. Since my first class, I have continued to go and found that he was right. After my third class, I feel that I can find the rhythm during the ride much easier. My experience with Soul Cycle has been enjoyable. It might not be for everyone, but I would encourage people to try it because it really is a fun and intense workout.