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You may have thought “oh no” when you read the title, another Mercury retrograde? Why! Or maybe you have no idea what a Mercury retrograde even is, either way the planets and stars will be impacting your life for the next 3-ish weeks, and here’s a heads up on things you may want to look out for!

From January 30th through February 20th, Mercury will be in retrograde across the sky. Mercury retrogrades are semi-common occurrences that happen approximately 3 times a year when Mercury appears to be going backward across the sky from Earth’s perspective. During this time, energy may seem a little off, different, or just affected. 

For this month’s retrograde, we are currently in the sign of Aquarius. Because Aquarius is an air sign, the signs Taurus, Leo, and Scorpio may feel the effects harshest as they are the grounders of the Earth, fire, and water elements. Geminis and Virgos may also feel this retrograde more than other signs for they are both signs that are ruled by the messenger planet (Mercury).

Common effects seen during Mercury retrogrades can range, but are usually technology issues, feeling low on energy, unusual eating habits, trouble sleeping, and setbacks. Because of the combination of Aquarius season, we may also see trouble with miscommunication. This retrograde encourages us to focus on working toward a greater good and creating a community. 

You may already be feeling these effects or sadly, might soon. However, don’t fret. The Mercury retrograde is not going to kill you, or be the thing that finally knocks you off course, it’s simply a period in time where we are called to be more aware of our self, body, spirit, and mind! Keep your lines of communication open, talk to yourself and those around you to make sure you’re on the same page! Remember to take breaks and treat yourself when deserving! It also may be a good time to reconnect with old pals or revisit unfinished business.

Also be aware, in 2021 Mercury will also be in retrograde from:

-May 29 to June 22

-September 27 to October 23

Wishing you the best xo

Gillian is currently a senior at Pace University on the NYC Campus. She is originally from Baltimore, Maryland where she earned her AA degree at the Community College of Baltimore County. She is majoring in communications at Pace and loves writing as a hobby. Her favorite day of the week is Sunday and her favorite color is forest green. She also reminds you to recycle! She can be found on all social medias @jillrh02
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