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Meet Wei Yen: A Female Malaysian Entrepreneur

While I was in Germany, I met an incredible woman from Malaysia. Her name is Wei Yen and she owns a fashion label. Being a 20-year-old woman who is just now starting university and owning your own company is an amazing accomplishment. Her label WWEEKK is all about going back to the basics and not having problems when you chose your everyday outfits. I had a chat with her through WhatsApp; the only way we communicate as we’re so far from each other - and asked her all the important questions.How did you get inspired to create WWEEKK?WY: I probably have had the idea for about two years now but I never really started the project until half a year ago because I was in Germany. I was reading an entrepreneurship book ($100 Startup by Chris Guillebeau), and entrepreneurship is basically solving a social problem and I thought: deciding what to wear is a huge problem. My solution is to print different days on the shirts. It’s quite hectic to organize so many different designs at once but I guess that’s what going to separate WWEEKK from others.Are you doing all this by yourself?WY: I’m mostly doing this alone except for the designs where each collection is done by different designer friends. But the CLASSICS were how I envisioned it when I first got the idea.How do you feel about being a woman who is charge of her own business?WY: Er…it’s great to not have to wait for others when making decisions so things could move on pretty quickly. At the same time, I’d be very unsure if what I was doing was right or not.What are your plans for the future?WY: For the business: as it does not require a lot of overhead, hopefully it would be ne successful enough to cover my study expenses and maybe have a physical shop lot.What are you going to study?WY: Computational Engineering Science at RWTH Aachen
Finally, why should people buy WWEEKK?WY:     1. You’ll be able to save your time when deciding what to wear and still look cool/presentable2. With our shirts you’ll be able to narrow down your dressing options and cut down on the difficulty to pick what to wear and be able to use those precious mental power on something REALLY important instead3. This might be irrelevant but as you know, I’m going to continue my studies in Europe soon and I come from a single parent family, my mom was the breadwinner of the family so I’d like to be able to be more self-sufficient to lessen the burdens of my dad.Anything else you want to add?WY: Follow us on Instagram @wweekkapparel and there is going to be a 11% discount that will be valid for a month since the day this article is published. The code is: ireadhercampus and you can shop at wweekkapparel.com!
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