JYP 2.0 Announcement

As one of the big 3 recording labels in South Korea the founder of JYP Entertainment, J.Y Park, has been creating K-pop hits from the very beginning. This included music from legends such as the Wonder Girls, Miss A and 2PM who used to dominate the charts back in the day. Now he’s back and better than ever with a new system called “JYP 2.0” that’ll blow the competition right out of the water and place JYP Entertainment on top for the rest of 2019.

Before “JYP 2.0”, JYP Entertainment used to run their company with a basic system that divided their company into departments depending on the task. For example, some of the divisions were promotional, style or choreographic and they had to distribute their time and energy to every artist simultaneously. And it worked for a while. Until it didn’t. Park noticed this and decided to change the whole structure of how the company operated, but he needed a guarantee that his plan would work and that ’s where the reality show Sixteen comes into play.

Sixteen was a K-pop survival show in 2015 that Park hosted which consisted of 16 female trainees (people who train for years under a company) who competed against each other for the chance to debut in JYP Entertainment’s new girl group. Contestants were ranked every day by their looks, singing, dancing and personality until only 7 were left, solidifying the roster for the now famous group, Twice. Park’s plan was to use this newly formed group as guinea pigs to test out his theory and it turned out to be a success. In the span of 4 years Twice had surpassed all their sunbaes (artists who’ve been working in the industry longer a.k.a “seniors”.)

I believe Twice is the world’s most successful K-pop girl group and here’s why. Instead of submitting the girls to JYP Entertainment’s standard managing system where they had to share resources, the group was assigned a team that revolved exclusively around them. This team consisted of members from every division of the company, which was still divided at the time. This way, employees were no significantly less stressed, more songs were produced, and the period in between comebacks decreased, which optimized sales and the group’s popularity. After confirming this experiment worked, Park made the announcement that “JYP 2.0” was officially going into full effect during 2019. This makes them the first company to ever use this unorthodox strategy. Every artist under the label would be given their own unit to keep the artists in the spotlight without slowing them down. Also, to exhibit the superiority of the “JYP 2.0” plan, JYP Entertainment claims that they will be debuting 4 new groups this year, back to back. Normally, this idea would be considered ludicrous in the K-pop world because of the extensive work required for the preparation of each debut, but J.Y Park believes that “JYP 2.0” will allow him and the groups to prosper and prevail.

In fact, his first group to be debuted this year, ITZY, has already proven that J.Y Park’s program is effective with their launch song, “Dalla Dalla,” due to its rapidly growing fame and the awards it received during the 3 weeks following its release. In fact, in less than the first 24 hours of the music video’s launch, “Dalla Dalla” received about 13 million views, which is highly impressive for a rookie group. This caused fans around the world look forward to the other 3 groups JYP Entertainment has left in their back pocket for 2019.