An internship full of glitz, glam, and gowns

Remember how fun it was to search for that perfect dress? Whether it were for prom, graduation, or another formal event that you were preparing to shine at? Well I can assure you that at my internship you would fall in love with every dress, for every occasion!


Home of the most renowned dress and gowns was my internship hub for the summer, right at Occasion Brands, home of PromGirl, Simple Dresses, and Kleinfeld Bridal Party. How did I get there? You may ask. By looking for an internship for almost 2 months until I found my best fit. I got called in for an interview and then keeping constant contact with my mentor. In my last article, How LinkedIn Has  Enhanced My College ExperienceI refer to some of my tips and tricks for internship surfing on the web and landing the perfect one, like this one!



PromGirl is an online retail store that has slowly expanded to offline retailing, for example, their New jersey pop-up shop that began just in time for the last prom season. By embracing change and progressive thinking they also expanded their expertise to Kleinfeld Bridal Party, the online retail experience for all bridal dresses by providing a strategic partnership with Kleinfeld Bridal. Let’s just say this is the dream come true of every dress enthusiast. Read More about it here


At Occasion Brands, I had the opportunity to meet many other interns from different states and colleges who believed in the company's message and who specialized within many other departments such as merchandising, video production, product, marketing, brand development, and communications. I specialized in operations, a fancier term for office management, which was a great experience for my first ever internship. Not only were we able to develop skills within our area of interest but we were assigned projects, an end of the internship presentation, and even had a graduation which enabled us to fit right into their work style. We even posed for a few photos while trying on PromGirl’s latest summer dresses for Intern Takeover Day which was made out to be extra special just for us!  



This internship has been an amazing experience from start to finish. The brand has an eye for diversity and a great family oriented environment that makes everyone feel welcomed, highly appreciated, and motivated. The office environment is like no other, and the best part about it is that creativity has no limit. So much so that there is no room for hyper-masculinity. Yes, you read right! Along with the great snacks and variety of coffee, and a HUGE variety of gowns, I enjoyed every moment with our Occasion Brands team. A special thanks to Greg and Dana for giving me the opportunity to take part of such a successful team. Now, I really do hope i’m invited to a gala, a wedding, or any event where I can show off my favorite Occasion Brands dress!


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