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I Went to a Private Screening for IT Chapter Two

One of the best parts of living in New York City is that the possibilities are endless. I know I’ve said this before but I cannot stress it enough. If you are willing to put in a little work, you can get tickets and invites to some pretty exciting events. I’ve had the opportunity to attend different events held by YouTube, ESPN, nearly every talk show/morning show and plenty of live performances; I plan on writing an article about how you can do this, too. Last month, I finally got the chance to attend a private movie screening and the experience was interesting.


The movie was set to start at 6 PM but we had to arrive by 5 to check-in. I wound up arriving at 4:15 or so and waited in line for what felt like forever. During that time, we had to show our IDs as it is a Rated R movie and sign a non-disclosure agreement, which meant I was not allowed to speak about the movie or the experience until it officially came out in theaters. I attended the premiere alone; however, I did make a friend in line whom I wound up sitting next to in the theater. 


The movie that I saw is... IT CHAPTER TWO!


I am a huge fan of the first remake so getting the opportunity to see the second BEFORE it came out and for FREE was incredible. Not to mention, we also got complimentary pop (I’m from Minnesota, sorry) and popcorn. The theater was full of invited media, mostly journalists from various outlets, and everyone was on the edge of their seats waiting for the screen to start rolling.


The actual movie was incredible; again, I loved the first so this was a highly anticipated film for myself. I never got around to watching the original second movie since the first one scared me so much as a child. With numerous surprises, jump scares, and the famous Pennywise as terrifying as ever, the movie did not disappoint. Do you remember how I said that I attended alone? Well, big mistake. Walking home after I was so jumpy that every little noise frightened me. 

The It Chapter Two release date is September 6th - I recommend seeing it with friends unless you prefer to be frightened alone.


My name is Kylie Geatz. While I work towards a career in the music industry, I enjoy my time spent living in NYC exploring, drinking too much coffee, and attending different events/concerts. Feel free to reach out and comment on any of my articles on any of my social media accounts (@altkylie)!
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