How to Prep for Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life

If you’re anything like me, November 25th cannot come soon enough. If you don’t understand why November 25th needs to come faster, than your priorities are not straight. For those of you who don’t know, Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life premiers on Netflix November 25th.  The series is four parts: Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. Each episode an hour and a half. This is big people. Really big. Now before the big day there is some serious prep that needs to happen.


That’s right. No matter how many times you’ve seen the episodes, you need to watch it all over again. Be reminded of how sweet Dean was until the whole cheating on his wife thing. Remember how much Jess kind of just sucked but also was kind of great. Fall in love with Logan and his dramatic ways all over again then hate him the next day. Feel the love between Lorelei and Rory. Relish every moment of Emily Gilmore’s extravagant and insane life. Ride the roller-coaster that is Luke and Lorelei. There is so much to love and remember about this show that it all needs to be fresh in your mind before the big day.

2. Gather the girls.

This is not something you can watch on your own. You need everyone who shares your love around you. My GG partner of choice is my mother: the woman who introduced me to the show. Get all the girls together and get watching. Remember it’s not just TV. “It’s a lifestyle. It’s a religion.”

3. Prepare your best feast.

The Gilmore girls knew better than anyone how to put out a spread. You need it all for this occasion. Gummy worms. Pizza. Al’s Pancake World. Chinese food. Ice cream. Candy sushi. Cake. Cookies. Burritos. Red vines. Pie. Donuts. All of it. Eat as much as you can stomach and make it as random as possible.

4. Place your bets.

All of us fans want something out of this. We want Rory to end up with whomever. We want Lorelei and Luke to be together. Sukie and Jackson better not have broken up. What are Lane and Zack’s twins like? Is Mrs. Kim still as crazy? Has Taylor finally lost it? We all have our predictions and its important to put some stakes on them. You know friendly completion and all that.

5. Drink coffee and enjoy.

Lastly, do what the Gilmores do best. Drink a lot of coffee and enjoy some quality television. They would want it that way.