How I Turned A Pic of Myself On TV Into A Mental Health Meme

Manhattan, New York
United States

Coping mechanisms. We all have them. Some are pragmatic, sometimes uplifting, and others are just downright damaging.  Everyone has a way of quelling negative thoughts that keep playing back. I know I have mine. However, it was over a slice of Nutella banana cake on a slushy snow day, when I was festering about something a douchey family member said, that I discovered my prolific ability to put mental health PSA’s over clips of me acting on the NBC show Manifest.

What? Yes. I was lucky enough to be cast on the NBC show Manifest. The clip I used as my creative vessel and mental health outlet is from the first episode I worked on, in which my only line is asking a man: “Excuse me, can we touch you?”

I’m afraid that ‘creepy’ is poised to become my personal brand.

Anyway! I thought this was the perfect layout on which to dump my personal frustrations. Being a woman is hard and being denied a space to feel our pain only compounds it. My emotional duress came from a male family member perpetuating sexist ideals and denying me the space to communicate my valid feelings and so,

It started with this:

Being told to “get over it” is my absolute pet peeve. I want to know in WHAT sector of WHICHEVER universe it is that hearing THIS has ever actually lead to someone to in fact, ‘getting over it’.  No need for hasty dismissal. Processing is key, Thanks.This one got me. So many times we are made to feel invalid about our woes because ‘someone has it worse’. Who the ---- is measuring this? Is there a SCALE? Yes, perspective is important. And sometimes, certain issues need more attention.  But you can’t invalidate someone’s pain just because you think yours is worse. Sorry, sis!Let’s be honest, shit is messed up. Women have been gaslit, abused and manipulated for generations upon generations. LET US BE MAD ABOUT IT. YOU HAVE THE SPACE TO SCREAM TO TV ABOUT FOOTBALL. WOMEN NEED TO SCREAM TOO.

The finale. I’m a firm believer that we should all haul ass to therapy ASAP. Maybe it’s the Psych major in me. I really do think everyone should take a whack at it. I also know that in America that’s easier said than done. I am so privileged to be able to go to therapy. For many, there’s a gross amount of hoops to jump through to find someone who they like, that fits their budget, and they can safely see.   

All in all, TAKE CARE OF YOURSELVES, especially women. If you are feeling sad, know that there’s validity to that. And in the face of injustice, start by making a meme about it?