Finals Survival Kit 2015

With finals right around the corner, we have now received our Finals Survival Kit! This kit was packed with a lot of goodies that will be distributed to the HC Pace team all thanks to the national team and amazing sponsors. Below are some of the items we received!

TRESemmé Sea Salt Spray

Do you want your hair to have that texture as if you went to the beach? Well, with this product you can have that all year long! This is perfect for finals week when you don’t have time to do your hair.

Chiptole BOGO

Who doesn't love Chiptole?! With this BOGO, you and a friend can treat yourself to dinner as a reward for all of your hardwork this semester! 

Vera Bradley

We received a beautiful throw blanket as well as ID wallets! The throw blanket is soft and comfy which is a perfect addition to any dorm! Along with the blanket, we received adorable ID wallets; these can hold student IDs, credit cards, and more!


Finals can be stressful, and with stress can come acne. This Proactiv kit came at the right time, and is packed full with products to help fight acne!


It is important to stay hydrated, and SOREL was kind enough to give us durable and reusable water bottles! This is perfect to use while on the go, or when you are studying.

Along with the products mentioned above we also received Michael Kors scented flash tattoos,sunglasses, tote bags, Cold-EEZE packets, AND MORE! This kit definitely came at the right time. With that being said, good luck on your finals collegiates!

Thank you so much to Her Campus and their sponsors for another awesome survival kit!