Everything You Need to Know to Survive a New York City Winter

New York, New York
United States


Before you know it, winter will be creeping around the corner and start  making us wish we could live on a tropical island for the rest of our lives.  Snowfall and ice storms are vastly approaching, and unless you are planning on stocking the fridge and staying inside all winter, then we need to prepare ourselves. The everyday chaos of New York City doubles when thousands of tourists come from all over the world to see the beautifully decorated tree and go ice skating in Rockefeller Center.  Although a snowfall in the city can be a beautiful thing, it adds to the dismay of traffic and subway surplus. If you want to be productive this upcoming winter season and stay as warm as possible, then keep reading!

   First of all, creating a winter-ready wardrobe is essential, so you don't freeze to death walking to class. You have probably been told to layer a thousand times and it is so true. Layering your clothing is the first step to staying warm. Wearing multiple pieces of clothing is crucial when you are in the hot subway one minute, and then walking in twenty-degree weather the next.  The kind of jacket you wear this winter will make a large impact on how snug you stay. Fashion is a great thing, however, it is not always the most practical. If you decide to wear a thin cardigan in the middle of a snowfall because it's the cutest thing that matches your pants, I promise you will regret it. I highly suggest investing in a parka or a large fluffy jacket, since they will insulate your body and keep you cozy. Often times our hands can get so frigid they become numb. Hand warmers and gloves will become your best friends this season.  What you decide to wear this winter has a lot to do with staying warm. Your mindset about the cold can impact your warmness in ways you have probably never thought about.

The cold weather is known to cause seasonal depression. However, how you care for yourself and your perception of the situation can help. According to Cool Antarctica, you are only as cold as you think you are. They state on their website that “people are able to tolerate the cold more than others largely on the basis of perceiving exactly the same sensations in a different way.”  It is a very hard to conceptualize, so next time your entire body is shivering, think about palm trees and pina coladas and your mood could drastically improve.

The Big Apple becomes an exhilarating fortress for anything you could ever want to experience during winter. There is everything from witnessing the Rockette Line kick, to partying in Times Square on New Year’s Eve. With all the excitement our city has to offer other people want to experience what we do every day. The number of tourists New York has in the winter months skyrockets, which means the lines get longer and the prices soar!  In order to deviate from tourist traps try planning ahead of time. The last thing anyone ever wants is to wait on line for something in the cold, just because you did not get tickets beforehand. Also, if you decide to go out with your friends make sure you know the route you are going to take and the transportation time. Lastly, take advantage of everything this glorious city has to offer. Although winter can be dreadful, I would not want to spend it anywhere else. There is nothing that compares to a New York City winter, so take advantage of everything it has to offer and remember to bring hand warmers along!