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Name: April Keane

Age: 20 

Year: Junior 

Major: Women’s and Gender Studies / Communications

You had the opportunity of being an orientation leader over the summer. What was the most rewarding experience of that venture with Pace? What do you think you learned from that? The most rewarding thing about Orientation was working on a team with some of the funniest, wittiest, and most intelligent people I’ve met at Pace. The days were so long and full that it would have been impossible to get through them without that staff! I learned that no matter how different you think you are from someone, there will always be a way to connect with them.  

One thing you would like to accomplish before you graduate Pace? SEE HAMILTON. 

Tell us a little about your role at the nonprofit Donor’s Choose and your decision to be there. I’ve wanted to work at a non-profit since I started at Pace, so I feel very lucky to have this opportunity! I used to have an internship in public relations for luxury hotels and travel and I never felt right there. When I met the genuine, upbeat, and positive team at Donor’s Choose I knew I had made the right choice! I’m a part of the Content Operations Team and I basically see the start and the end of the projects that are posted on our website. My favorite part has to be working with the thank-you packages that are made by students for their donors! Nothing brightens my mood more than seeing the handmade cards and letters—and you know I had a great day at work if I come home covered in glitter. 

Since you are an RA to freshman this year in Broadway, what is the one piece of advice you tell your residents to make the most out of their time here at Pace University? Get involved on campus, more specifically, get a leadership role! I was really shy in high school and now I’m comfortable with public speaking, meeting new people, and getting out of my comfort zone. I don’t think I would have grown so much if I hadn’t pushed myself to get involved. 

When you have downtime from being a SDACA Spirit Ambassador, RA in the Broadway Residence Hall, and working at your non-profit, what do you like to do to relax?  Take a nap, see a Broadway show, hang out with my best friends, and explore the city.

Fun fact: I’ve seen The Book of Mormon 7 times! 

Finally, what is the last song played on your Spotify or Apple Music playlist? Snakes – Bastille 

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