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The 90’s Are Back: Featuring Our Favorite Celebs

The 90’s are back, and these fashion trends have been taking over the racks! I didn’t mean to rhyme there, but it doesn’t matter because this is an exciting time for fashion. Have you ever heard that saying, “fashion trends resurface every thirty years”? Its about that time, we’re at the 26 year point, and these trends are ready as ever, and making us all look like Cher and Dionne from Clueless, (if you haven’t seen Clueless, check it out!).

Button up skirts

These popular skirts are sold EVERYWHERE now. They go perfect with a sweater, collared shirt, t-shirt, and well really anything! That’s why we love them! (Featuring the cast of Clueless) Faux Fur Coats

Bringing it back to Disney Channel’s prime, Raven Simone from That’s SO Raven always had a good sense in faux fur coats. Faux fur coats are in for this fall and winter fashion, and come in fun colors like dusty rose.  


Hopefully you guys remember Sabrina the Teenage Witch, a great example of 90’s fashion, and here she is sporting a black choker! These necklaces have been popping up in most stores, in velvet, lace, plastic, and in all different colors.   

Platform Shoes 

Want to tower over your friends? Then thank god for this 90’s trend, platform shoes come in metallic, and all different colors. In this picture Mel B from the Spice Girls is slaying some platform sneakers.


Here Britney Spears is singing on her Oops I Did It Again tour. Rocking these laid back, baggy Tommy Hilfiger overalls. Overall dresses, jumpers, and rompers are sure to keep you right on your track to 90’s fashion.

Oversized Jean Jackets  
A simple thrift store buy is an oversized jean jacket. Of course you can now purchase these in clothing stores, but most thrift stores will have a great selection. Side note: The choker Drew is wearing is super trendy!

Layering and Slip Dresses

 This is a pretty simple style, and it works for the summer and the winter! Layering long sleeve, and short sleeve shirts under slip dresses, like this one Jennifer Aniston is wearing on Friends, is super easy, and trending for this fall!

High Waist Jeans 

High waist jeans and jean shorts seem to be this falls number one trend. Halle Berry is wearing a super cute pair of relaxed, baggy, high waist jeans in this picture, and paired it with an eye-catching black belt. 

Band and Graphic Tee’s

Graphic tees have grown in popularity, and have become a huge fashion statement. Here Winona Ryder pairs this with a leather jacket, and high waist shorts. Her black healed boots are a perfect pick for this falls fashion look. 

I hope you enjoyed reminiscing to the 90’s with some fashionable celebs! Get ready because the 90’s are up and coming, and feel free to find some inspiration through our 9 featured famous women!

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