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7 Things You Should Get If You Love Michelle Obama


The last article that I wrote for her campus was on Brett Kavanaugh. It did really well, which is amazing and I would like to thank you guys for that. Even though I do love writing about politics, this week, I’m simply just not feeling it. If you pay attention to the news as much as I do, it gets you down sometimes. So today, I’ve decided that I’ll stay in the realm of politics, but the article won’t surround the idea that America is on fire. No, today’s article isn’t that. Today’s article is about a queen and personal role model of mine, Michelle Obama. She is honestly an icon. Not only is she the first P.O.C First Lady, but she’s also the most educated of them. She’s intelligent, graceful, and an overall badass. So if you love her as much as I do, here are some things you should definitely get ASAP.


1. Michelle Obama Quote Pencils



I found these a couple of weeks ago and I instantly fell in love. I usually only use pencils when taking a test, so to have Michelle Obama giving me a pep talk is exactly what I need.


You can find these on Etsy for $12.


2. Michelle Obama Enamel Pin



When you’re making your way through a little thing we like to call life, we sometimes need to know that someone’s got our back. With this enamel pin of the Former First Lady’s face, you’ll know you always have someone in your corner.


You can buy these from Etsy for $11


3. Michelle Obama Peek-A-Boo Pocket Shirt



Want to show your love for Michelle but in a more nonchalant way? Look no further than FreeVerseApparel’s Michelle Obama Pocket Shirt!


You can find it on Etsy for $25


4. Michelle Obama Prayer Candle



Personally, I love the celebrity prayer candles you can find all over Etsy. The fact that there’s a Michelle Obama makes it that much better.


You can find this candle on Etsy for $12.95


5. Michelle Obama National Gallery First Lady Portrait Poster



Did you also have a mini heart attack when Michelle’s First Lady portrait was revealed? Well, now you can own your own version of one!


You can get one on Etsy for $39.90


6. Michelle Obama’s Memoir



Ever wonder what it would be like to become Michelle herself? Stop wondering by buying your own copy of Michelle’s Memoir, Becoming Michelle Obama.


You can grab a copy at Target for $15.96 starting on November 13th!


7. Voter’s Ballot



One thing that does not cost money and Michelle would personally thank you for is voting in the upcoming midterms on November 6th. It’s a win-win for everyone!


Find out how to vote on vote.org


My name's Madi Mihailuk and I'm a writer for the Pace Chapter of Her Campus!
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