10 Secret Santa Gift Ideas

Secret Santa. For some, those words bring joy to people’s heart. For most, those words bring anxiety, annoyance and displeasure. Secret Santa can be a great way to save money in a group of friends but what about when you get the person you don’t know all that well?  Here are 10 gift ideas for your Secret Santa you don’t really know.


  1. Coloring Books and Colored Pencils 

Coloring is a great new trend that helps stress and anxiety. It’s a fun gift and perfect for someone who’s super busy and needs a way to release creativity.

2.Trinket Dishes

They’re cute. They’re cheap. And they seem expensive. Trinket dishes are great because everyone can use more dishes to put things in. They can be used for rings, keys, earrings and so much more. 

3.Mug and Hot Coco Mix

Everyone loves mugs and everyone loves hot chocolate. Okay. Not everyone but most people. Mugs are simple and don’t break the bank. You can keep it simple with someone’s initial and then add your favorite hot chocolate mix.

4.Monogram Earrings

Initials are easy because you already know the person’s name. You can go with earrings, necklaces, key chains and more. It’s a fun and sweet gift that feels more personal.

5.Wine and Wine Accessories

For those who are able to enjoy, wine makes a great gift. Add a cute wine stopper or other fun wine accessories to complete the gift.

6.Journals and Pen Sets

 Journals are a great gift for anyone. Even those who don’t take notes or write things down can use it when they’re looking for some paper to write a phone number down on. A nice set of pens or pencils adds to the gift.

7.Bath and Body Lotion/Body Wash Set

Bath sets are great for people who could use some relaxing. They smell great and don’t cost and arm and a leg. Bath and Body has fun packaging and great scents.

8.Nail Polish and Manicure Set

For the people who love to paint their nails or even those who don’t always make the time for it, this can be a fun way for them to express themselves and treat themselves. Throw in some files, polish and nail clippers and it’s a cute set.

9.Passport Covers or Luggage Tags

If you know they love to travel or are planning to travel in the near future, passport covers or luggage tags make a thoughtful and easy gift.


Because we all know that candles are the other savior of the Christmas season.