We Tried Hot Yoga and We're OBSESSED

Rebel Yoga
Commerce Street Thornwood, NY
United States
32° 46' 52.0356" N, 96° 47' 35.6928" W

Typically, when people think of yoga, they may think of relaxing, slow flows, lots of time to self-reflect during meditation, etc. However, when you think of hot yoga, what do you think? Maybe just the same thing only a couple of degrees warmer. After completing my first hot yoga class, I quickly realized how far off my perception was.

I signed up for a two-week unlimited class at Rebel Yoga in Thornwood, New York, just ten minutes away from campus. Upon arriving to the studio, I began to contemplate if I made a mistake because as soon as you walk in, the heat really hits you in the face. And, if you are anything like I am, (someone who really could break a sweat walking up the stairs) this did not seem like an ideal situation. I thought about going back to the car and ditching the class.. until my friend, who I had gone with, convinced me to stay, which thinking about it now is something I should probably thank her for. 

    First things first, we needed to secure our spot on the floor in the back so we weren’t really seen but also it was still known that we were there. You start by either laying down your own personal mats or Rebel Yoga provides ones you may borrow for the class. Most importantly make sure you grab a towel (also provided) because you will sweat, and of course keep your water nearby. 

    The class starts off with slow relaxing breathes as you lay down. Easy, right? But, once you start to get into your flows is when you really start to feel the heat. The best way I can think to describe my experience is saying that it was like cardio mixed in with yoga all while you are sitting inside of a sauna. Each pose intensively works targeted areas such as your glutes, arms, legs, and especially core all while maintaining a clear mental state of mind. Once you reach your second vinyasa (the smooth transition between your flows), you are already completely drenched in sweat. The class progressively gets harder especially when you are so sweaty that your hands start to slip while you hold your downward dog. Although, before you know it the class is wrapping up and the instructors are putting cold, essential oil soaked towels on your forehead (probably the best part of the class).

    It is certainly not an easy class to complete but the feeling of accomplishment and not only is it a great physical workout but a mental one as well is what really got me hooked. So, if you need a break from being over crowded by muscle men in the campus gym and are looking to just get away for an hour I would highly recommend trying out a hot yoga class.

And don’t forget your water!