Spring Semester Resolutions

A new semester is upon us and it can be a pretty hectic time. We all have new schedules, new classes, maybe even new roommates…It’s very easy to let the nerves build up…but this semester, I’ve decided to make some semester resolutions that hopefully will take a little bit of stress out of this coming Spring. 

Procrastinate less! It’s SO easy (believe me) to let ourselves fall into the fatal habit of…procrastination. Whether if its homework, studying, or cleaning the dorm, we always find ~some~ way to put the tasks we dread the most off. This semester, I want to try and prevent that as much as I can. It will take some of the pressure off of the school year and it will help you get ahead on some of the more tedious assignments! 

Surround yourself with people who make you HAPPY! We’ve all had toxic people in our lives. For this spring semester, I want to work on being around the people who genuinely care about me and distancing myself from those who may not be so good for me. It will make you feel better about yourself and about how you’re living your life. Just like the new year, a new semester can be like a mini refresh for us emotionally too!

Explore more of my college town! First semester, I kinda stuck close to the shuttle stops and just went into town when I needed to. This semester, especially when the weather gets better, I want to take more walks and find out more of what Pleasantville has to offer. You’re gonna live in your college town for 4 years, why not get to know it better?!

Become more involved! As the semester picks up, it is easy to neglect or be hesitant to take on any more than you already have to, but becoming more involved can help you meet more people, build your resume, and take a step back from the books. I definitely want to look back at college when I’m older and have more memories than just studying and sitting in my dorm.