Little Things To Get You Through The Rest Of The Week

We all have those weeks…when the workload just seems to be growing bigger and bigger and life is just too… much. I have definitely had those days and weeks. But especially with finals coming, I am feeling some major pressure. 

Here are a few of my tips on how to keep yourself sane over these next few weeks!

1. Take a Walk! 

Whether it’s a loop around campus or just through the hallways, take some time to pull yourself away from the screen and just clear your mind. Fresh air can be uplifting on a tiring day.

2. Listen to Some Music! 

Even if it’s a hard day, that ONE song can ALWAYS turn your mood around.

3. Cook Dinner in the Kitchen!

Take a break from Kessel food and cook some pasta or soup in the kitchen! My friends and I had a lot of fun taking a study break to have something home-cooked for once. 

4. Take a Nap!

Sometimes a girl just needs a quick power nap to conquer the rest of the day. Don’t skip that brain break before getting back to the books. 

5. Make an Extra Cup of Coffee

You know you want it…

6. Take a Perk Break!

A milkshake and order of mozzarella sticks can change everything. Enough said.