Goodbye Senior Year

So, you’ve finally made it to your senior year of college. You probably either can’t wait to leave that dreaded school or are in tears clinging to every memory you have.

Senior year is the year you finally get the hang of college only to be forced to leave when you want to enjoy it. Hopefully you have figured out what you want your adult life to look like, or at least the next few months. If you don’t, like most of us, this means you’ll probably spend every other day in a full fledged panic attack.

Regardless of if you have your whole career and post-grad living situation figured out or if you’re moving back home and don’t even know what kind of job you want to apply for; senior year is emotional. Enjoy every minute because before you know it, it’ll be over. The friends you spend every minute with and stay up talking to until 2 am; you can’t imagine living without these people. However after graduation they are moving either back home or across the country for that dream job they landed. Take a breathe and breathe because there are easy ways to keep this people close to your life! Facetime and social media are some great options. It’s also very comforting to remind yourself that a lot of people stay close with their college friends and even end up being in their wedding.

Some people may be graduating and moving far away from their significant other. If that is your situation then it’s very normal to be worried or concerned but just remind yourself that whatever's meant to be, will be. Also this is the time to get your career together and focus on yourself. For the first time you are completely on your own and free which may be frightening but if you stay positive it is really just exciting.

For many of us graduating means moving back home and under the roof of our parents again. Going from doing whatever you want at all hours of the night to having to listen to the rules of your parents feels like you’re a child again. This is the opposite of freedom and I don’t have much to say other than stay strong and try to have an open conversation with your parents if they are really down your neck!

After all of the reminiscing, you can finally enjoy all of the freedom and you hold and catch up on some sleep. You finally don’t have to stay up all night hung up on red bulls to write that super boring research paper on the tax system. You no longer have to sit in required classes waiting for the bell to ring to get out and do whatever you want. Of course you’re still going to have to sit through your 9-5 job but at least then you are making money for it instead of going into debt.

Congratulations class of 2018!