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Faces of Pace: Meet Brianna Adkins!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Pace Pleasantville chapter.

Brianna Adkins is a freshman here at Pace University who is as bright eyed and bushy-tailed as she is determined. The creator and editor of her own magazine, we can tell Miss Adkins has a successful future ahead!

Her Campus: Where are you from?

Brianna Adkins: I’m from Charleston, Maine. You know the state of Maine, when you look at it on the map? It’s like, you point directly in the center of it, and that’s right where it is.

HC: What’s your major and what year are you?

BA: I am a Digital Journalism major, and I am a freshman.

HC: What’s your biggest accomplishment?

BA: Probably going to New York Fashion Week my first semester of college. That was something I didn’t think was ever possible.

HC: What are the hardest parts of being the editor of Pretty Smart Magazine? What are some of the payoffs?

BA: The hardest thing is being able to keep up with it while also being in school. I didn’t really produce much my first semester of college, which is something I regret, but with all the things that I was doing out of class, that kind of set it back a little bit. The payoffs are that I get to, like, spread my message of body positivity, and inspire people to see themselves as brilliant, bold, and beautiful.

HC: Why did you choose Pace? Why do you think it’s the best school for you?

BA: I chose Pace, first of because it gave me a great scholarship, so I could afford to go to school in New York, and so, that was the big thing, going to school in New York so I could go to the city, and go to all the events with Karlie Kloss, and go to New York Fashion Week. And the reason why, now I think it’s the best school for me, is because I was very anxious to come here and I had a lot of hard times when I was here the first semester, but it’s slowly turning into my second home, and I can be happy while I’m here.

HC: So you mentioned Karlie Kloss, did you know her before you got to Pace, or did you meet her at New York Fashion Week?

BA: I met her my junior year, the summer into my senior year in high school, at the Kode with Klossy Camp Level 1, and that’s where she learned what Pretty Smart was, because she saw my audition video for the camp. During my senior year, I had to travel a lot to go to different events that my school helped fund, so I could attend. So, I went to a fashion show and saw her there again, and she featured me on Versace’s instagram story. Then, she sent me a video to help me raise money for a scholarship for school. Then, she hired me, this year, well, this past summer, to teach at the Level 1 Camp in St. Louis.

HC: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

BA: Hopefully, I see myself with Pretty Smart still growing, in my hands. That would be something that I would love to accomplish. And to see it on the stands next to Teen Vogue or something. But, if that doesn’t happen, then definitely being an editor or something like that, at Teen Vogue.

HC: Do you have any advice for any incoming students?

BA: To any students who are very anxious about leaving their own home and coming to a new place: it’s very scary when you think about the concept of it, but when you let yourself enjoy a place that could possibly be your new home, then that’s when you can start to be happy.

Emily serves as Associate of Campus Community & Marketing here at Her Campus. She graduated from Pace University in 2020 with a degree in Communications. Emily served as a Campus Correspondent at Pace University, was a former intern for Her Campus' InfluenceHer Collective and was a part of Campus Trendsetters. In her spare time you can find her crafting, going to art museums and listening to Taylor Swift.