Disney Channel Original Movies I Forgot I Loved

Over the past month or so, I have found myself becoming more and more nostalgic about the "good ole days" of my elementary and middle school years. Old Katy Perry bops, Webkinz, Pretty Little Liars marathons and more. It's been a hot topic of discussion between my friends and I as we reminisce about the joys of our adolescent years. Something that did stand out among these topics is my love for Disney Channel Original Movies, my personal pinnacle of middle school life.

First off, Sky High has definitely got to be my all time FAVORITE Disney Channel movie. Like.... a movie about a superhero high school in the sky...amazing. Also, the epic plot twist with the main villain Royal Pain blew my 12 year old mind. 

With Halloween right around the corner, Halloweentown is actually the best movie to get you into the spooky szn mood. Grandma Aggie and the whole Halloween/mortal world concept is so much fun and it makes you wish it was all real. The only qualm I have with this movie is the fact that they changed the actress of the MAIN CHARACTER OF THE MOVIE randomly for the last movie... did they think no one would notice? ok.

Another holiday oriented Disney movie is Luck of the Irish. To quote the Disney poster above, Luck of the Irish is definitely my St. Patrick's Day tradition. It used to be on multiple times throughout the day and I'm 99.9% sure that I watched it multiple times on that day for the majority of middle school. It never gets old and the cute leprechaun grandfather with the potato chip factory?! 

The Cheetah Girls: a racially diverse girl group working together to sing and do what they love.. hell yes. Their voices? Like angels. Their outfits? Such a fit. Cheetah Girls 2 is my favorite movie form the trilogy and the soundtrack is fire. Strut was such a bop.  ​

The movie Starstruck is not my all time favorite Disney Channel movie but its soundtrack is so good and I am SO here for it. "Something about the Sunshine" and "Starstruck" are so catchy and they're always stuck in my head. 

These movies bring so many happy memories of my childhood and it takes me back to a time where things were so much more simple. I honestly am so happy to have grown up in the 2000's era.