The Dingbhat: Jacky Bethea

Jacky's message has always been clear: be the very best version of yourself. Not only is this femme-boss making waves in her freshman class, she's also inspiring each and every one of them to embrace what makes them different. As she beams in front of me in a brilliant striped shirt with the cutest overalls I've ever seen, I can see clearly why she embraces her audience to be different—she is too.

Whenever someone wants to involve themselves with the latest fashion trends, they don’t just turn to the trusty pages of Vogue anymore. Jacky Bethea, the trendsetting freshman and New Hampshire native, is making waves in the fashion world with her quirky and chic taste.

When she first stepped onto the Pace University campus, she declared herself a marketing major. But when she realized her knack for writing and fashion, Jacky quickly switched over to digital journalism.

“I really wanted to incorporate writing into my career,” she explained as we sat together in the lobby of Alumni Hall. “It was a great change for me.”

She wasn’t kidding about her love of writing, either. Early into the start of her first semester, Jacky created a blog to post her creative content on. The Dingbhat, a blog for those craving some everyday amazing, hosts a series of blog posts featuring fashion trends, journal entries, and do-it-yourself ideas. Jacky threw herself into the deep end of blogging and created waves with her innovative thinking.

"I think [The Dingbhat is] for everybody. I want to make it for everybody. I want to incorporate more people than just myself into it. Lately I've been trying to get interviews from friends in order [for them] to tell their stories. It's about encouraging people to embrace what makes them different,” Jacky explained.

She went on to talk about how she wants to incorporate more stories, perspectives, and surprises to her blog in order to keep up her viewership. Not only does she want to create an inclusive environment, she wants to do it her own way.

"It's been interesting. I've been trying to keep myself consistent and that's really been a challenge for me,” Jacky stated. “Lately, I have just been trying to come up with new ideas, so I've been looking at movie reviews, trying to keep up with fashion, and trying to keep up with a consistent idea of what I want to incorporate in it so I can create my own brand."

That expressive and innovative thinking brought her to New York Fashion week, where she displayed her chic style and goofy attitude. Photographers flashed their cameras as she walked by, due to the confidence radiating off of her. She was a star.

“I faced some culture shock there. New York Fashion Week didn’t seem possible to me at the start of the semester. Here I am now, though. I’m going into my second season of NYFW. I couldn’t be more grateful,” she gushed about the incredible experience.

If you didn’t think this girl could get any more powerful, then you’re mistaken. With a fashion week season under her belt, Jacky applied for the organization, College Fashionista, and was accepted just a week after her application was sent in.

“I’m so excited for College Fashionista. I can’t wait for the opportunities I’ll receive through it,” Jacky exclaimed.

The opportunities are just starting for this Pace University freshman, and the only place for her to go is up. Up the ranks of influencers, fashionistas, and all the way to the top. The future editor-in-chief of Insider Business and Teen Vogue is here. Watch out world, here comes your girl boss, Jacky Bethea.