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WHAT’S UP GUYS. Welcome back to school! I am so excited for this upcoming semester and I am here to tell you about this new podcast that I was introduced to earlier this quarantine. I can honestly say that this podcast has changed my life (and I hope it changes yours too) 


Call Her Daddy is a popular podcast presented by Barstool Sports featuring the dynamic duo, Alex Cooper and Sofia Franklyn. The podcast dives into the good, the bad, and the ugly of everything relating to sex, relationships, and hookups. The girls don’t hold back when talking about their own lives as well as when they give advice to their loyal “daddy gang”. Listeners can also write into the podcast with stories and questions, which will be answered and featured by Alex and Sofia. The girls create a laid back vibe in Call Her Daddy, making it seem like you’re just having a conversation with your girl friends. From their blow job tips to ways girls can see if their mans is cheating, they cover literally everything you could think of. It exposes the ins and outs of life that many shy away from talking about and I think it is an outlet for women and men to use to get information and have a good laugh. 

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Call Her Daddy promotes open discussion about everything raunchy about sex that many platforms tend to tip-toe around. They have definitely faced some major criticism by those who think they’re crude, but they still continue to ignore the haters and put out fun and interesting content. I think that this is amazing because we, as a society, should start normalizing women talking about sex without being ridiculed. Men talk about sex all the time and it is normalized in entertainment. Why can’t women? 

It has definitely boosted my confidence, allowing me to not be so uncomfortable when talking about sex and what I want in a relationship. Call Her Daddy wants people to be able to speak up where it matters and feel free to express what they want in relationships and in the bedroom. 


The reason Call Her Daddy was put on my radar was because of the drama circulating the podcast in May. There was a contract dispute between both of the girls and Barstool, which caused a split for the besties, Alex and Sofia. Now, the podcast lives on with the “single father”, Alex Cooper, who still continues to put out great content with special guests such as Olivia O’Brien and Miley Cyrus (great episode btw, please check it out). 


Disclaimer: Although I do love the podcast, I do not condone taking this podcast as the bible for information. I do take some tips from them, but they do do some ~questionable~ things that I probably do not recommend everyone following (ex. being psycho girlfriends.. but guys do “love the crazy”)


ANYWAYS, I highly recommend. You can stream Call Her Daddy on Spotify and Apple Music – I hope you guys love it as much as I do! 

Happy Listening :) 



Meili Sicard

Pace Pleasantville '22

Meili is a Junior nursing major at Pace University Pleasantville. She is a proud resident of the Massachusetts/Rhode Island area (and a proud NE Patriots fan). In her spare time, Meili likes to go to the beach, listen to music on Spotify, drink exorbitant amounts of coffee, and spend all of her money on food. She is a sister of the Alpha Rho Chapter of Delta Phi Epsilon on campus and the current Campus Correspondent of HC Pace Pleasantville.