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3 New years resolutions that are way better than losing weight

So the year’s already started, and you’re probably just at the point now where you’re starting to realize this year’s resolution will go the way of every other one. But fear not dear readers! The semester just started and I have some new semester resolutions that are way more fun and healthy than just losing weight.   


1. Change how you think about weight

Weight and BMI are the definitive ways to determine your health, right?  Wrong, BMI is a little better than weight because it takes your height into account, but it was still developed by insurance companies to figure out how much they should charge for coverage. It doesn’t take into account muscle mass, eating habits, lifestyle, or anything else that actually affects your health.  If you’re legitimately concerned about your weight see a doctor and talk to them about your lifestyle.  If you’re treating your body right you’ll fall into a weight range that’s healthy for YOU.  It may or may not be in the normal BMI range and you may still be “fat”, but you’re healthy and that’s what’s important.

2. Change the way you think about beauty

Fat’s a bad thing right? Being fat makes you ugly and lazy.  Wrong, again dear readers. We need to change the way we think about words like ugly and beautiful.  Because we need to be okay with the word fat.  Everytime you turn on the tv you see an ad for something that shows you how your life magically changes if you lose weight.  All that happens when you get skinny is you’re thinner. You’re as funny, smart, talented, and awesome as you were before.  And if you think you aren’t any of those things losing weight won’t change that. Maybe instead of focusing on whether or not you’re “fat,” you should focus on why that’s such a bad thing?

3. Focus on what you love about yourself

Maybe you’re agreeing with me on these things, but you still feel like fat means ugly.  Most of us do. “You aren’t fat, you’re beautiful” is something every girl has heard at least once in her life.  Why can’t you be both? This year instead of focusing on your weight, focus on the good things about you, not just inside (that’s the most important part) but also on the outside.  Because let’s be honest when you feel ugly life feels really hard.  Do you have awesome hair, or gorgeous eyes? I bet you do. Or maybe your makeup skills are top notch? Or maybe you have an awesome body that works hard everyday to help you make the most of your life. Wait, that one’s a definite yes.  Think about how awesome your body is it can do so many things and most importantly it holds you!  


So if you want to work out this year or eat more vegetables that’s awesome, but remember to think about why you’re doing those things.  Because they’re only as good as the reasons you’re doing them.  


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