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Update Your Oxperience with Lil’s Hacks

Now don’t get me wrong, sometimes Lillian’s Fine Dining is on point with their experiments, but sometimes their attempts to diversify their offerings simply fall flat. I realize that not every day can be as extravagant as their menus on Thanksgiving, Mardi Gras, or even Tour Group Fridays, but sometimes enough just is not enough. Lil’s is definitely trying, but a social media account has come to save us all on those days they don’t quite succeed (I’m looking at you corn pizza). Lil’s Hacks (lils_hacks) on Instagram was created by some of Oxford College’s boujiest foodies who know that sometimes you just need to spruce up your life to suspend those Dining Hall Blues.

Lil’s Hacks has a bunch of recipes submitted by Oxford students to help us through our bland mealtime woes. Recipes include cheesy nachos, strawberry ice cream sundaes, avocado salads, and fried eggs served sunny-side up! While our options could be so much worse at Lil’s, this account simply adds a bit of color to our foodie lives. So, if you’ve ever grumbled and complained about Lil’s while dialing up Domino’s or Jimmy John’s for delivery, you have to check out this account!




Emily Macdonald

Oxford Emory '18

As a Political Science Major and a French Minor, I have big dreams of making a positive difference in the world. In 2017, I had the incredible honor of being named Co-Campus Correspondent of Her Campus at the Oxford College of Emory University alongside Marine Bruno. Although I graduated from Oxford College, I will always have fond memories of my time with Her Campus. Even as I move on to a new phase in my life, I look forward to watching Her Campus at Oxford Emory grow!
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