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It’s finally time to choose your classes for next semester! However, it can be stressful for students, as some classes fill up too quickly and one might not know what to take.

If you know your major:

1. Take at least two courses towards your major or towards graduation requirements

2. Take at least two courses you will enjoy

3. Make sure not all of your classes are tough or include too much homework

4. When putting those courses in your shopping cart, double check that they fit together within your schedule

5. Have backups

6. Ask to be put on the waitlist for classes needed for your major

If you don’t know your major:

1. Take at least two courses towards graduation requirements

2. See “If you know your major”

If you don’t get the classes you wanted:

1. Eat some ice cream, cry a little, and then relax

2. Make sure you are on the waitlist, students will often drop out before the semester even starts

3. If you need the class or know the professor, send them an email asking if they can take one extra student

4. Post on the Facebook post asking for a swap!




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