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Teas To Keep You At Your Best


As Eleanor Roosevelt said “A woman is like a tea bag – you can’t tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water.” Besides the well-constructed simile, Roosevelt highlights that teas are looked to as a last resort to coffee when teas can actually be pretty strong. Teas are a norm in many cultures whether for pleasure or medicinal purposes. Over 3,000 teas are divided into six categories Black, Green, White, Yellow, Oolong and Dark (also called pu’erh). There are endless teas, with endless reasons to try them.


Unlike coffee, which a lot of college students drink frequently to get through the day, these do not have adverse effects when it is not being used anymore. Even further, tea is not just an energy boost like coffee, but it helps your body as a whole.


As the middle of the semester is here and the pressure is truly on we seem to forget to take care of our bodies, mostly our mental health. Too often will we skip one breakfast for extra sleep, which we sacrificed to study. Which is not good for any part of our lives. We need to prioritize our health!. Although there are many ways to, I have compiled a list of my favorite teas for every stage of the studying process. All of these relieves stress, keeps alertness and aids focus.


You wake up and the first thing you feel is a sore throat. You groan at getting sick at the worst possible time of the semester. Spicy Ginger Tea to the rescue!

Spicy Ginger Tea will give you the extra boost that your immune system needs. Ginger contains the biological compounds gingerol and shogaol to fight the toxins that caused you to get sick in the first place. Ginger tea also contains antibacterial properties. The spiciness gives it an extra kick! Which in turn, loosens chest congestion that leads to coughs and soothes a sore throat by reducing inflammation. Ginger also contains high levels of vitamin C and magnesium that help to kick colds faster.


After drinking the Spicy Ginger Tea, you feel a little better, but the warmness of the tea is now making you sleepy. Black Tea will give you the alertness you need.

Black tea contains caffeine and an amino acid named L-theanine, which can improve alertness and focus.


Now you are alert and awake, ready to get back to work. Green tea will stimulate your brain to be the best scholar you can be.

Green Tea creates a sharp mind using caffeine. According to the Inquirer, Caffeine interferes with Adenosine, a neurotransmitter to improve neuron capacity and attentiveness of the neurotransmitter including dopamine and norepinephrine. Not only does it help keep you alert, but it increases the functionality of your mood and memory.


After six straight hours of studying, you are stressed and might even be tearing your hair out at the amount of work you have. Drink some Rose Tea and feel a weight get lifted off your shoulders.

Rose Tea balances your stress and emotional hormones by relaxing your nervous system. It also has anti-depressant and tranquilizing properties to help you get to a mellow state.


You have studied all you can and know that all your hard work will pay off tomorrow, but you can not sleep! Drink some Chamomile Tea to drift off into the best sleep you could imagine.

Chamomile Tea contains apigenin, which is an antioxidant that promotes sleepiness and reduces insomnia. People report better quality of sleep when drinking chamomile tea and had fewer symptoms of depression.


It is time for your exam! But now you are consumed in anxiety. Drink some Peppermint Tea to be your best while you ace your exam!

The menthol in Peppermint Tea is known to be a muscle relaxant. Which can result in overall anxiety relief. Do some breathing exercises and/or listen to your favorite songs and allow the tea to do its work.


*This does not take the place of any medical advice you have been given. Before taking anything herbal supplement please consult with your doctor.


Jhaelle Payne

Oxford Emory '21

Jhaelle is a sophomore at Oxford College at Emory University, studying Quantitative Science with a track in Economics with the goal to become an Environmental Data Scientist. With a passion for environmental health and sustainability, she hopes to have a career in protecting the environment and helping disadvantaged people from adverse environmental effects in the future. If she is not at her desk writing poetry, researching, or studying, you can find her trying new cultural food. She loves to travel and listen to jazz.
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