A Poem: Six Ways of Looking at the Sun

Bright lights radiate 

Releasing warmth to every corner 

A soft breeze appears and spreads 

Rustling maples and sycamores 



Eyelashes flutter quickly 

Shielding sensitive eyes away 

The brightness is too strong 

Overpowering those in its presence 



Basking in the sun 

A lizard with a spotted back 

Lined with colorful scales and 

Absolutely motionless 

Absorbing surrounding heat 



Exposure to sun rays 

The searing touch of skin 

Relieved by the cold flush 

Of the salty ocean water 

Feeling refreshed, like brand new 


Sunflowers reaching out 

Towards the unending sky with 

Turned heads and wilted stems 

Aiming for its ultimate energy source 



Its image reflects on the 

Calm waters of the lake 

As the day winds to an end 

Its beauty never wavers 

Illuminating golden all around