Imagine a rectangular tank

you are standing barefoot in,

wearing nothing but your favorite



You look down as water begins to rush

in from the side of the tank.

At first it's exciting.

You wiggle your toes,

smile, and feel the water climbing.


But the water continues to rise,

and it gets colder.

You cling onto your favorite t-shirt

and wrap your arms around your body

as it begins to shiver.


The water is now at your hips

and you don't know what to do

Do you swim in it,

or let it drown you?


Pounding at the side of the tank

your hands turn to uncontrollable fists

Your toes now smash the bottom

as you jump up and down.


The water then reaches your shoulders

You shudder like it's a stranger's slight



Every piece of you screams


How can I be made of mostly water,

Yet have this be so threatening?


It rises to your neck now,

And the choice before is gone.


You can swim all you want,

But eventually you'll drown.