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Five Tips When Moving Into Your New Place

1. Clean, Clean, Clean Before Moving Things In

Doing a deep clean should always be your priority! You don’t know who, or what, lived there and what germs might be left behind! Clean the floors, deep clean any carpeting, clean the walls and ceilings, wash everything in the bathrooms and kitchens, clean the closets, and clean the windows! You should clean absolutely everything before moving furniture in so that you can reach every corner.

2. Move In, and Assemble, Big Items First

Having pieces of furniture all over the floor allows for rooms to get crowded very easily, so by only moving big pieces of furniture in and assembling them, you won’t have small items getting in the way.

3. Get Friends and Family to Help

Moving in is a lot of work and can take multiple road trips and multiple days, so I suggest getting any help available!

4. Once All of the Furniture is in, Paint

Moving furniture in or out of a room often leaves dents and scratches on walls due to accidents, so painting it over will make the walls look new, but make sure that the paint you get matches the walls you are painting!

5. Introduce Yourself

Introducing yourself to neighbors will allow you to get any tips about living in the area, and will make you feel more at home right away.

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