Eternal Summer: A Poem

Her head leaned against the trunk of a maroon sequoia in the middle of a field.

Between the tips of her slender fingers, she held a dainty cup of sweet gold –

A single brilliant Golden Poppy twinkling under the sun’s rays.

She delicately placed it in the center of her soft palm,

Cradling it closely to her chest like an infant

About to wake from its slumber.


His head rested on her lap as she cupped the California sunlight in her hands.

A book in his own, yet he was distracted by her alluring charm and grace.

He wanted nothing more than to stay in the moment forever.

As he gazed at her with tenderness and awe,

He became lost in her ethereal beauty.

She was truly like no other.


Like her precious blossom, she was incandescent in the sun – a radiant, tantalizing spirit.

Her amber pools, speckled with flakes of marigold, were enough to mesmerize

Those who crossed paths with her elegant soul; she blessed them

With an angelic serenity rivaling that of a goddess

For her loveliness was beyond compare.

She was his eternal summer.