Come Back Summer

As I am sitting around studying for my finals and finishing up my last writing assignments, I cannot be more thrilled that winter break is soon upon us and that I survived my first semester of college! Though it has been a stressful couple of weeks leading up to this point, I will never forget all of the wonderful memories I made this past summer from traveling internationally by myself shortly after high school graduation to reuniting with my extended family. 


Summer is a group of unique birds, 

Eating, flying, and being sweet to each other, 

Time flies by so rapidly, 

You choose your journey, 

and follow the bird your heart desires. 


Summer varies every second, minute, hour, day, year 

Different forms, noises, experiences, memories 

It’s so sweet and hard not to cherish, 

no harm intended. 


Now the only thing I can do is eagerly wait for summer 2019, but that involves me surviving a busier and harder spring semester. Until then, I will be rejuvenating myself to prepare for what next semester holds in store. Have a great, joyous winter break!