As I sit near the fiery embers 

I can feel the heat almost engulfing me 

almost touching the skin of my 

face, arms, and feet. 

The warmth of the fire 

becomes nostalgic to me 

and reassures me and reminds me 

of the comfort of my own home. 


I see the figure of the full moon 

radiantly gleaming in the dim sky 

and I am in awe of the world as I tune in 

the muffles of chatter and laughter 

of everyone around me. 

The grass prickles my bare feet 

and the wind’s breeze brushes against my neck. 

I close my eyes and feel at peace 

as these sensations keep me alert. 


Here I am sitting in a place void of 

stress and worries and anxiousness 

and I can finally focus on 

those that surround me and 

the beauty of my own surroundings. 

In this moment I find that 

I am at ease and relaxed 

and I am calm.