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5 Ways to Keep Your New Years Resolution

I love making New Year’s Resolutions. I like any excuse for a fresh start and each year, I make a list of my resolutions. Yet somehow, I almost never manage to keep them. So this year, I did a lot of research on the best way to make goals you can actually keep and here’s the top tips I learned:


  1. Make Specific Goals: Rather than saying, I’m going to workout more in 2019, make a specific goal like I’m going to workout three times a week in 2019. This way, it’s easier to hold yourself accountable.

  2. Don’t give up if you don’t follow it for a few days or weeks. A common theme I found when reading about resolutions is that most people will create a resolution, fail to accomplish it for a week or two and then give up on it all together. But keep up your resolution even if you miss it a few times. You’re only human and trying again is the only way you can reach your goal.

  3. Check in with yourself each month and make adjustments. Sometimes when we make resolutions, we bite off more than we can chew. So check in at the end of January: did I ask too much of myself this year? How can I change my resolutions to make them more achievable?

  4. Along the same lines, try to make only a few resolutions. It’s nice to make a long list of ways we want to be better, but realistically, it’ll be tough for you to change a ton of habits. Focus on the most important things and if you check in later in the year, maybe add more!

  5. Pair an activity you don’t want to do with one that you love. For me, this means watching a really suspenseful show while I run on the treadmill (and only letting myself watch it while I workout). If you pair something you don’t like with something you do, it will make your activity much more enjoyable and may even make you look forward to it!

Katie Pleiss

Oxford Emory '19

My name is Katie, and I'm a sophomore at Oxford College of Emory! I am a politics, philosophy, and law major on the pre-law track. I'm hoping to become a human rights lawyer. I am a huge fan of The Office and can quote every episode. I also enjoy reading, spending time with friends, and volunteering!
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