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12 Thoughts in Your Mind When You Start Working Out Again

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Oxford Emory chapter.

I hate working out. With a passion….but at the end of the day, I’ve got to hit the gym every so often so I can avoid the pitfalls of not exercising. My family has high blood pressure and bad heart disease in the family and although I can’t escape some of it, I do know that I have to do my best to keep both of those pieces of life at bay. Because of that, I’ve just started up my fitness journey again (for about the 4th time this year), so I thought it would be fun to show 12 of the thoughts that go through my head whenever I’m brave enough to head to the gym. 

1. Okay..day 1, I can do this. This isn’t that bad, right?

2. Why is my heart beating this fast?! I shouldn’t be feeling like this. 

3. Nope, not a fan of this sweating thing. 

4. Did everyone at Oxford College decide to go to the gym today?! 

5. Why am I doing this when I could be watching the new season of The Crown on Netflix?

6. Oh no, there’s all the attractive guys in here at once, just waiting to watch my demise on this treadmill. Act cool, Jordan…act cool. 

7. Using the school’s newest piece of equipment: “Okay, I can figure this out..I’m a college student who got into a top 20 school, so I can totally figure out how to use this piece of equipment…right?”

8. I’m contorting my body in ways it should not be moving.

9. I’m surprised my headphones haven’t gotten cau–….*insert falling sounds as my death comes and my headphones get caught in the motion of my workout*

10. Okay I’m going to break..I can’t keep doing this! I’m about to pass out! 

11. How do these Instagram girls do it?! The matching outfits, perfect poses, no sweat, no tears, full face of makeup?! Totally not #fitnessgoals.

12. Day 1 over…oh crap but I’ve got to come back tomorrow again.

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Jordan Chapman

Oxford Emory

Jordan Chapman is a visual art and international studies major with a French minor at Emory University. As a second year student, she's incredibly busy, but when you add jetsetting and writing a blog (in addition to a Youtube channel), her life is more busy than you may think. When she isn't watching Stranger Things or writing blog posts, she's in class or sending emails, with the dream of being the next big editor or fashion blogger. As a future London expat and wanderlust victim, she visits the land across the pond quite frequently along with many other places in Europe frequently, just hoping that life will take her somewhere fun and exciting.