10 Tips to Rock That Interview

1. Bring a copy of your resume with you

Even if you previously emailed or sent them your resume, bring an extra copy! Make sure it’s updated and well-written, a.k.a. free of mistakes and organized. You don’t want to sound illiterate, and you want to convey that you work hard and pay attention to detail.

2. Have a list of references

Whether they are all personal or professional references, it always helps to have a few people talk positively about your work ethic to your future employer. Write down their full name, title, company, company’s address, phone number, email address, and what you did for/with them.

3. Bring something to write on, just in case

Having a pen and paper to write on always makes you look more professional. It means you’re ready to write anything important down and that you actually care about this position and this interview.

4. Show up early, but not too early

Being late isn’t respectful, and it wastes your future employer’s time. It also shows them that you probably won’t be on time as an employee either. Showing up too early is inconvenient, and you’ll sit there awkwardly, it’s not good for anyone. I like to plan on arriving 10 minutes early, but if you don’t know where to park (and google maps doesn’t show the parking lot), plan an additional 5 minutes.

5. Have some questions ready

They’ll always ask you if you have any questions at the end, so make sure you have a few ready to go. It’ll show that you’re interested and care about the job. You could ask about what the position entails, what the hours are, when they’d like for you to start, what the company’s values are, how many employees are within that branch, etc.

6. Know when you’re available to start

There’s a high chance that they will ask you when you’d be available to start, and if it’s a part-time job, they’ll ask you when you can work during the week. This is important for them to know to see if your work hours would fit within their schedule, so make sure you’re ready to answer that question!

7. Dress appropriately

Most of the time, you’ll be asked to dress business casual, which means a dress, pencil skirt and nice top, dress pants and a nice top, or suit and tie. Some might specifically ask for more casual or more dressier outfits, so pay attention to what they tell you.

8. Do some research on the company

Make sure you know the name and address of the company in order to get there. But you should also know what the position you’re applying for is, what the company itself does, where all of their offices are located, and any other relevant information available on their website.

9. Know the name of your interviewer

The name of your interviewer should be given to you by email or over the phone when asked to come in for an interview, so make sure you write it down and know what it is so that you don’t have to ask that awkward question during the interview. If it was never given to you, don’t worry, they’ll introduce themselves to you at the beginning of the interview!

10. Thank them for their time

Thank them for their time in the beginning AND the end of the interview! Also don’t forget to send an email or a handwritten note that you can slide in the mailbox after the interview, to thank them for the interview. It will leave a good impression and will show how serious you are about the position.