Why Being in a Relationship in College is Actually a Good Thing

We all know there is the stigma that maintaining a relationship in college is either not worth it, or completely unrealistic. And especially with our hookup culture today, it seems more and more college students are happier casually dating/hooking up/or having a 'thing' with a potential SO, than actually having a true, respectful and consensual relationship. 

While dating can be hard in college, it ultimately comes down to the fact that people only work for the things they really want. And if you really want to date your potential bae and they really want to date you, what's standing in the way? The answer should be nothing.

If you're hesitant about making it official with the person you're 'sort of' having a thing with, or you're just unsure if dating in college is even for you at all, we have four reasons why being in a relationship during your collegiate days may actually be better than you think.

1. You learn from one another. A LOT.

Relationships are a lot of work and each and every day is a learning experience! You are committing yourself to someone who is obviously very similar to you (which is why you decided to date them!), but to someone who is also very different. For example, you may be the very go-with-the-flow, let's just cruise type of person, while your partner may be very structured and likes to plan things out. By learning how to navigate your differences in personality traits, likes/dislikes, expectations and even political views, you end up learning so much from your partner, not only about them but life as well. 

2. You get to do fun, cutesy coupley things together

One of the best things about being in a relationship is the cute things you both get to do together! Going on dates, vacations or just random road trips are twice as fun when they're spent with someone you're SO heart-eye emoji for. You can also take cute pictures that you've been dying to use that frame for, cause who doesn't love that?! Also, you both get to try new activities and experiences that you may not necessarily have done without him/her.

3. You have someone to share your life with

The reason we as humans engage in any type of relationship is that we want to be understood, and to have someone to share a bond with. Being in a relationship allows you to share your thoughts, feelings, fears, experiences, ups and downs, and everything in between. Your SO is literally there for it all and they want to share things with you, and what better way to share your life and who are with one of your favorite people?

4. You get a new best friend (!!!)

There's really not much else to say here. New boyfriend? New BFF. New girlfriend? Also new BFF. Someone to laugh with, talk with and even gossip with. You laugh, cry, share secrets and pinky swears, just as you would with your bestie. And the fact that they're someone you're in love with? Sounds like a bonus to me.