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We Need to Normalize Not Wanting Children

We constantly see interviews with female celebrities being asked why they never had children and why they never wanted them … as if they need a reason.

As someone who has the ability and choice to have children, but does not want any, I realized the “you might meet someone who wants children” excuse is officially becoming obsolete. Why would you be with someone who does not want the same things as you?

There is less progress than I thought; we still view women as machines that are just meant to create other people. We say that women’s rights are human rights but forget that women are people and not birth machines.

Women should not required to have children. But in society’s eyes, the life of a woman is useless if they do not have them.

People berate women for using birth control, getting abortions, or wanting their tubes tied or a hysterectomy before they are 35. But some women don’t want the responsibility of taking care of someone else, want to focus on their career and dreams, want to spend their lives traveling, along with other valid reasons. If women are lucky enough to have the choice to procreate, they should not be shamed or questioned for their decision.

Class of 2020 at SUNY Oswego (for now) Aspiring Latin professor
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