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“The Way He Looks in Her Eyes” — A Poem

They say a picture

is worth a thousand words.

I know because what I saw

was louder than what I heard.


There was the love of my life,

with a girl that wasn’t me.

That painted the perfect picture

and drowned out his apologies.


Sometimes the world screws you over,

no rhyme, no reason, no why.

Until you see it:

the way he looks into her eyes.


It was her, not the betrayal,

that broke me down.

I thought that I would never be

as good as the girl he found.


But now I am older

and I have grown.

I understand the fault

was not my own.


I can see now that she

was as innocent as me.

I wasn’t the only one who didn’t know

to what I had agreed.


Allyson is currently pursuing a Bachelor's degree at SUNY Oswego, and is a double major in English and Broadcasting with a minor in Spanish. She is the CC of her college's chapter of Her Campus, as well as the Secretary of the Women's Club Ice Hockey team. She hopes to one day become an author of fiction novels and collections of poetry. When she is not writing or on the ice she enjoys spending her time reading, hiking, and watching anime.
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