'The Voice' - A Poem

The Voice


“Ha, Ha, Ha,...”

There it was again:

the laughing, the taunting.


“So foolish…”

The voice echoes like ten,

unnerving and daunting.


“You can’t run…”

It says, as I flee

to other rooms, closing doors.


“Ha, Ha, Ha…”

Where could its source be?

As I climb countless floors,


“You can’t escape…”

I turn locks,

throw away keys.


“I am your nightmare…”

Finally, I stop:

the voice is within me.


“I’m always there…”

In the back of my mind

like the hands of fate


“You are nothing…”

it tells me lies,

but I can’t escape.


“Just stop trying…”

My anxiety, the cold fingers of a skeleton,

is beckoning me forward to give up.


“Trust me…” thud.

That I’m not intelligent?

That I’m not enough?

Thud. Thud. Footsteps get closer…

I am stronger than this.

I don’t have to listen.


The knob of the door turns…

My hand forms a fist.

I’ll save myself from my prison.


The door swings open…

“You’re wrong;

my mind is mine.”