'True Loves Kiss' - A Poem

True Loves Kiss

A fairytale.

A dream.

Or an idea,

that someone’s lips could touch another’s and

awaken them from some terrible curse,

could drag them from the depths of their mind.

That they could save the mermaid

drowning in her own thoughts and self-hatred,

show her the air she could breathe,

the happiness she could find

on the sands of the beaches of the land of self-love.

They could awaken the princess who has fallen asleep

in the hopes of never waking up,

of feeling no more pain,

of escaping reality to find fiction.

They could show a warrior

she does not have to change

who she is, to be strong.

They could free the wings of the dragon,

recognizing she doesn’t need saving, but

showing her she has wings,

that were hidden from her,

because of her power to fly.

There is such a thing.

I know, because

I feel like I can fly

every time I feel his lips against mine.

And let me tell you,

it's the best feeling in the world.